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Journey Into the Self

A Weekend Course on Intuition Development
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Dates & Times:
Saturday & Sunday 
June 22 - 23...
Saturday 11am - 5pm
Sunday 11am - 4pm

Investment: $265


Every answer you are looking for is already within you. When you are searching for an answer outside of yourself, what you are really looking for, comes from within. We are all born with the gift of intuition, as we are all connected to an energy much greater than ourselves. A Divine Intelligence, a Healing Source that is always guiding us to our highest good. This energy is the highest vibrational energy in the entire Universe…. It is Unconditional Love, it is God. Not only do you come from this pure energy of Love….You ARE Love. Love/God moves through you in all you are and in all you do. 


So why is it so difficult to love ourselves? The subconscious mind remembers all of the experiences in our lives where we didn’t feel loved or valued. As we use our logical mind to make decisions in life, the subconscious mind can influence us to make decisions based off of fear….The fear of not being enough. So we play small, we act as people pleasers, we don’t take chances, and we feel unfulfilled. We aren’t experiencing life from a place of Love & Joy, we are experiencing it from a place of fear. We live in a constant state of fight-or-flight. We subconsciously attract more of the same… more failure, more broken relationships, more health problems, more emotional pain. So how do you get out of that cycle?


By connecting with your heart’s inner guidance, your intuition…


Intuition is a gift that every human being on earth is born with, that can turn your entire life around. It can help you go from living in a place of fear, to a place of love. It can help you get grounded and feel whole again. It can help you recognize and release emotions that are holding you back, accept difficult situations in life that are out of your control, and see them from a higher perspective. It can help you discover and live out your purpose, every day of your life. It connects you to your Higher Self… it connects you to God. 


In my new course, Journey Into the Self, I will take you on a deep inner journey, to help you discover what it is your soul is trying to tell you. To help you bring forth the answers that are already within you. If you feel that you are at a crossroads, or searching for answers to unknown questions, may I encourage you to take a leap of faith, and join me for this life changing experience.

Journey Into the Self… An intuition development course. 

Join me IN PERSON OR REMOTELY BY ZOOM for this weekend long, immersive course, as we embark together on a spiritual journey into the Self.

Learn how to tune into your own inner wisdom and receive guidance in your daily life. Enhance your meditation practice by dividing your meditations into five easy steps, improving your energy, your God-given intuitive gifts and your connection to Spirit.


We will go over the difference between intuition, intellect, and instinct. You will learn of a variety of ways to raise your vibration, balance your energy body and remove blockages, and heal from past trauma. I will teach you how to decipher the difference between intuition and the mind…. And how to trust yourself and the information you are getting!


You will learn about the intuitive ‘clair’ senses and how to develop each one of them.


This will be a course packed with information as well as many exercises on meditation, EFT, grounding, energy clearing, developing your intuitive senses, connecting with Spirit (your Higher Self, Guides, Angels & even loved ones in Spirit), receiving messages and guidance, emotional healing, and even reading for other students, with my assistance. 


This course will be two days long, 1am - 5pm on Saturday and 11am - 4pm on Sunday. 


-Please bring a notebook & a pen, as well as a light lunch and a drink.

-Feel free to wear comfy clothes!

-We will be meditating sitting up in chairs, however if you prefer to meditate on a meditation cushion, feel free to bring one. 


I hope to see you there!

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