"My mission is to serve God by helping you heal & grow spiritually, so that you can live a joyous life with awareness, trust & love." 

-Amanda Fresh


About Me

Amanda Fresh

Spirit Medium

Spiritual Advisor

Intuitive Healer

Reiki Master


Throughout my life, I have been on a continuous spiritual journey, searching for a deeper connection to spirit and ways to truly live my soul's purpose. 


This journey has brought me down a beautiful path, leading to many wonderful roads of discovery and spiritual growth. 

With a Catholic upbringing, I learned about the life of service that Jesus led and his compassionate way. I had a strong relationship with God & acquired a fond appreciation for the ceremonial aspects of spirituality. 

In early adulthood, I began to study Taoism. I greatly appreciated the philosophies and how they resonated with me. I was able to see spirituality from a different view yet recognized the similarities of both religions.

I began to recognize that the "feelings" I had experienced my entire life in church, were my connection to Spirit. As I felt these same feelings, in the Taoist temple, I knew that we were all born from the same Source and that there was one Universal God. 

As I deepened my relationship with God/The Divine, I discovered that I had the gifts of intuition, healing & spirit communication. Until I opened up to these gifts, it had been my belief that only a select few had these abilities.


Developing these abilities later in life, I recognized that it is through our connection to God, that we are all born with these gifts. It is simply up to us to develop them, if we so choose.


It has become my purpose to use my gifts to be of service to others, helping people strengthen their own connection & relationship with God/Source, ultimately leading to happy, successful and prosperous lives.


It is also my passion to teach others, to develop their own intuitive and healing gifts, assisting them in their own lives, so that they may be of service to others.

I would love to assist you in becoming more clear about your life path, through guidance from a spiritual guidance reading or wellness coaching session, to help you connect with a loved one in spirit through a Mediumship Reading, help you heal mind/body/spirit, with an intuitive Reiki session, teach you to discover and develop your own gifts in a private mentorship session or class, help you become a healer yourself through Reiki certification, or simply be a guide & mentor along your own path of discovery.

In any way I can help you, I am happy to assist!

Background & Credentials

WKI Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist 2013

Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Level I Reiki Practitioner 2013

Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Level II Reiki Practitioner 2014

Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher 2015

Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science, B.Msc. 2020

I.M.M. Ordained Minister 2020




Energy Medicine



Applied Kinesiology



Metaphysical Sciences

Areas of Study:

Individual Services

*All services are available by phone, Zoom or FaceTime

Evidential Mediumship Reading

Connect with a loved one in spirit, as I pass along validating information as well as healing messages. 

Wellness Coaching

Customized for each individual, these sessions are designed to give you tools, to help you thrive in every area of your life.

Spiritual Guidance Reading

Receive guidance to assist you in moving forward towards success, prosperity & abundance, in all areas of your life. 

Private Mentorship

Learn to develop your own intuitive gifts, to use in your healing work, or to simply assist you in your daily.

Reiki & Intuitive Healing

Receive a powerful energy healing energy as well as intuitive insight & guidance.

Reiki Certification

Receive your Usui Shiki Ryoho Level I, II or III Master Reiki certification in a private, online class with Amanda.

*Discounted packages available 


I first saw Amanda for my 5 year old daughter who was having anxiety and abandonment issues. Amanda was able to work through me to reach my daughter’s spirit. I knew instantly, by how she described her, that she was connected to my daughter’s higher self.

I felt so safe and loved with Amanda. I have seen a handful of spiritual practitioners over the years, but Amanda radiates unconditional love and joy in a unique way. You just want to bask in her beautiful presence!

I noticed a significant shift in my daughter’s anxiety after our session and I couldn’t be more grateful to Amanda. It’s almost unbearable when my child suffers, and I felt enormous relief and gratitude when Amanda helped us find peace.

I subsequently had my own session, and sent my stressed out, tightly wound husband to her as well. The information she gave us was invaluable and we often refer back to her words of wisdom, as well as the healing experiences she created for us.

I have recommended Amanda to many of my friends who find themselves stuck, confused, in transition, curious, or in pain, and I plan to use her as a loving resource for many years to come!

Jen Brewer, Guatemala


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Spiritual Guidance Reading

Intuitive Reiki Healing

Wellness Coaching Session

Private Mentorship Session

Distance Group Healing

Guided Meditation & Intuition Development

Private Reiki Certification Class

*All appointments are available

by phone, FaceTime or Zoom

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