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"My mission as a Divine channel, is to assist you in healing and embodying the soul, to live every day from a space of authentic truth, power & love.

-Amanda Fresh


*All services & classes are offered remotely, by phone or Zoom.


About Me

Amanda Fresh
Evidential Medium
Intuitive Healer
Spiritual Advisor
Reiki Master
Meditation Guide


Throughout my life, my spiritual journey has brought me down a beautiful path, leading to many wonderful roads of discovery and growth. 

With a Catholic upbringing, I always had a strong relationship with God. I admired the life of service that Jesus led and his compassionate way. 


In early adulthood, I began to study Taoism. I greatly appreciated the Taoist philosophies and how they resonated with me. I was able to recognize the similarities of both religions and see spirituality from a beautiful, collective perspective. 

I began to recognize that the "feelings" I had experienced my entire life, were my connection to Spirit. This lead me to discover and develop my natural gifts of intuition, energy healing and mediumship.

It has brought me great joy to use my gifts to be of service to others, helping people strengthen their own connection & relationship with God, as well as develop their own gifts.

I would love to:


Assist you in becoming more clear about your life path, with guidance from a Spiritual Guidance Reading

Connect you with a loved one in spirit through an Evidential Mediumship Reading


Offer healing, mind/body/spirit, helping you move forward from old patterns, trauma & pain, with an Intuitive Reiki Healing Session


Teach you to discover and develop your own gifts in a Private Mentorship Session or Intuition Class


Certify you to become a healer yourself, through a private Reiki Certification Class


Or simply be a guide & mentor for you along your own path of discovery.

In any way I can help you, I am happy to assist!

Background & Credentials

WKI Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist 2013

Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Level I Reiki Practitioner 2013

Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Level II Reiki Practitioner 2014

Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher 2015

Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science, B.Msc. 2020

I.M.M. Ordained Minister 2020

Energy Medicine



Metaphysical Sciences

Evidential Mediumship

Spiritual Healing



Applied Kinesiology

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) / Tapping



Areas of Study:

Individual Services

*All services & classes are offered remotely, by phone or Zoom.

Evidential Mediumship Reading

Connect with a loved one in spirit, as I pass along validating information as well as healing messages. 

Spiritual Guidance Reading

Receive guidance to assist you in moving forward towards success, prosperity & abundance, in all areas of your life. 

Reiki & Spiritual Healing

Receive a powerful energy healing as well as intuitive insight & guidance.

Private Mentorship

Learn to develop your own intuitive gifts, to use in your healing work, or to simply assist you in your daily life.

Reiki Certification

Receive your Usui Shiki Ryoho Level I, II or III Master Reiki certification in private, online classes with Amanda.

*Discounted packages available 


"There is a saying that “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” I spent years looking for a teacher and have had many. There is no better teacher, healer, reiki master, or medium than Amanda.


She is client centered and data driven. As a formally trained doctoral level clinician, I have learned many techniques and tips regarding healing, reiki, and listening to self/spirit.  She truly taught me how to step into my soul and trust my intuition in her classes and use it in my everyday life.  She also taught me to be a reiki master.


Professionally, Amanda teaches how to use various techniques and incorporate these practices into everyday life with either yourself or clients. She is a guide through the intuitive mystical world we live in. Amanda doesn’t just translate the mystical information and relay it to you she also teaches how to access it.


If I could pick a motto for her teaching philosophy it would be, ”Everything you need to know is already inside you and around you. Even if you don’t think it is…it is…just lean in and see.” To my surprise it was.


I cannot recommend Amanda enough…your life and clients will thank you for it.​

Dr. L.J. Rogers 

Psychological Consultant



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Evidential Mediumship Reading

Spiritual Guidance Reading

Intuitive Reiki Healing

Private Mentorship Session

Private Reiki Certification Class

Guided Meditation & Intuition Development Workshop

"Initiation Into Your Divine Purpose" 6 Month Course

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