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Workshops & Retreats


I continue to offer a variety of classes with topics including:

*Reiki, the chakras & energy healing


*Intuition development

*Grounding & protection

*Meridian balancing

*Reading auras

*Energy & vibration

*House blessings

*How to feel energy

*Applied kinesiology (Muscle testing)

*EFT Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

*Essential Oils & uses

*How to heal yourself and others with Reiki

*How to communicate with your Higher Self,  Angels and Spirit Guides

*How to connect with your loved ones in spirit

*How to become a medium

*How to develop your psychic abilities

*How to develop your intuitive senses

*How to develop your clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairempathy and clairsentience

*How to receive messages from Spirit

*How to tune into and heal your own energy body

Please keep checking for updates on future classes!

“Superpowers!” - Self-Healing and Transformation for the Greater Good of All





Healing Old Wounds

The Perfect Space

Living Your Dream One Day at a Time

Create a Space in Your Life that Supports Your Growth

Find Peace in Who You Are: Self Acceptance

Moving Forward With Dignity and Grace

Self Discovery

Recognize Your Strengths That You Have to Share With the World!

Step Into Your “Superpowers” and SHINE!!


Throughout the course of the day, there will be a discussion as well as a meditation or a fun exercise for each of the listed topics! 

You'll want to have a journal handy.... and a few other fun items which I will notify you of, once you are signed up!

This is going to be an enlightening, productive, empowering, creative & fun day! I hope that you will join me!


Date & Time:
Saturday October 24


We will meet via Zoom. When you sign up, you will receive a Zoom link in your confirmation e-mail.

Simply click here to reserve your space! 



*No Refunds

"Finding Your Wings" A Desire Map Workshop
A Transformation Workshop!!
With Ashley Thibodaux & Amanda Fresh

Date & location TBA

Picture this: 

Waking up every morning to a warm cup of coffee. You take a sip, and the feelings of joy and gratitude run through your veins. You sit down and listen to your favorite meditation. You eat your favorite breakfast, and drink your favorite juice. You go to your favorite place to do your job that does not even feel like work to you. YOU are LIVING. LOVED. EMPOWERED. ABUNDANT. SAFE. You are fulfilled because you know you chose this morning and every bit of your morning routine before and after this. You have the POWER to create your day. You have the FREEDOM to create your life. Feelings are magnetic. 

Check in with yourself right now. How do you feel? How do you want to feel? What is one thing you can shift right now to obtain your new feeling? 

Picture the new version of yourself. What do they look like? What do they eat? Where do they work? 

Everything in life is a choice. Making choices that empower how you want to live is your birthright! Being angry is a choice. Holding resentment is a choice. Freedom, ease, and love are also choices. 

In this workshop you will learn to create your life with powerful intention. AND Intention is everything when creating the life that feels good for you! Dive deep into the new version of yourself, the version that has been present all along. 

Join us at our desire map workshop to find your wings and limitless potential. 

Ashley + Amanda 

*If you would like to receive more information about this retreat and be notified of specific date and location, please send me a message through my contact form!

Hand Pile of Happy Group


“Amanda’s class completely changed my life. The community that was built during the 6 weeks that we were together was so strongly bonded in positive, healing energy and it is still a great support system for me today! Not only is Amanda extremely gifted in her metaphysical abilities, but she is also a nurturing, friendly, and down to earth person. Her openness and willingness to share makes the class environment fun and extremely informational. The course speaks for itself—I would highly recommend the experience to anyone.”


“Amanda is such an awesome teacher & mentor! Her 6 week course opened my heart, my mind & even my 3rd eye to something I always knew was there.. but wasn’t able to grasp it on my own. Her wisdom, guidance & support has helped me in so many ways. I’m truly grateful to have her in my life. Thank you!!!”


“This class was called psychic 101. This class should be called spiritual awakening.

I came from the Pentecostal background where I learned that anything done outside of the church knowledge and understanding of the church is of the devil. Since then I have come to learn and understand that the God I serve is bigger than religion and what man can comprehend in their natural mind.

From taking this class my knowledge has increased and continues to expand in the perspective that we are all connected to each other. No matter how near or far away we are we can connect if we choose to or have the desire to connect with each other.

We all have the ability to communicate with God, Spirit, Higher Power, Source, and by which we all have the ability to heal ourselves and others if we choose to.

So if you’re looking for a way to develop and grow spiritually… If you’re looking for a way to develop your psychic ability… If you’re looking for a way to connect with others from the highest self perspective then this is the class for you. Come grow and

connect together. See you soon!”


“I suffered from migraine disease for nearly 20 years. When they became intractable (every day) for 6 months, it was debilitating. I was unable to teach, drive, grocery shop, or do many of the things most take for granted. I spent most of my time in a dark, quiet room with ice packs and pillows around my head.


I had tried everything – diet changes, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, water and more water, prescription meds, meditation, and the list went on. Friends and family were lifting me up in prayer daily, but anxiety, guilt and depression set in – feeling like I was letting down all those around me, falling behind on everything. Even simple tasks became unbearable. It also brought an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I was not living, merely surviving.


I knew about the Abundance NOW class, but I had reservations. My spiritual background is very conservative and I was hesitant. Amanda put to rest all my fears surrounding the experience, explaining that she is there to guide and teach how to connect with God in ways that I may never have understood or been able to on my own. Amanda is so respectful of personal beliefs and makes clear that her passion is to help people find the highest good for their lives. She said the class would change my life. That’s a pretty powerful statement, but this class delivered! It was like a light switch.


Overnight, my chronic migraines were gone. Through Amanda’s guidance, I was able to discover why I was having this particular pain and what to do to overcome it. It truly was a Holy Spirit intervention! I am also now equipped with exercises and techniques that I can do on my own when needed. I learned so much about myself and my faith was strengthened even more. I am forever grateful to Amanda for her gifting and desire to use her gifts to help others live their best life!”


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