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Initiation Into Your Divine Purpose

A Course on Meditation, Intuition Development & Soul Healing
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Initiation Into Your Divine Purpose
A Course on Meditation, Intuition Development & Soul Healing

Join me for this immersive course, as we embark together on a spiritual journey to the soul.

Get to know yourself on a deeper level by connecting with the true essence of your soul through meditation.


Learn the foundations of meditation and deepen your meditation practice over time. 


Discover the limitations of your personality that hold you back from being your most authentic, empowered self.


Learn to share your beautiful gifts with the world as you allow your soul’s Divine purpose to shine through you in all that you do and in all that you are.


Improve the outer circumstances of your life by focusing inward, on your soul’s evolution and growth.


Celebrate noticeable changes within yourself and in your life, as you heal and grow on a soul level.


Deepen your intuitive abilities through meditation, assisting you on your spiritual path.


Discover your own Divine Power. 


Hold space for your Light to grow, and observe as Beauty is amplified throughout all of your life experiences.


Receive intuitive spiritual guidance in your meditations and in your daily life by learning to surrender and be present.


Learn a variety of energy healing modalities to heal on a soul level, healing trauma and releasing energy blockages.


Experience a peaceful life by embodying your Oneness, and living in harmony with your soul. 


Learn to communicate with the those in the Spiritual realm by developing your “clair" senses. 


Receive intuitive spiritual guidance and messages that will offer you immense healing and growth on your journey.
*This course is for all levels

  • Participate in a daily group prayer/meditation at the same time each day (no need to be on a call for this… simply join in, wherever you are in your day)

  • Be a part of a Facebook community, where you can connect & grow with other group members

  • Participate in optional “book club” reading

  • Set GOALS for yourself & receive support to help with accountability

  • Track your progress, recognize & celebrate your gradual accomplishments throughout the 6 months

  • Work on assigned exercises on your own, available to do as often as you’d like

  • We will focus on consistency, leading to lasting change.

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