Spiritual Guidance Readings

Spiritual Guidance Reading:

$150.00 – 45 minutes

Mind, Body & Spirit Package: 

1 Spiritual Guidance Reading

1 Intuitive Reiki Healing

1 Wellness Coaching Session

1 Private Mentorship Session

$485 (Save $100)




*All sessions available by phone or online

Gift certificates available!

Spiritual Guidance Reading


In a Spiritual Guidance Reading, I pass along inspired guidance and loving messages, as I channel information that I am receiving for you, from a soul level.


Often times, it is thought that in order to change our outer circumstances, we need to "do" something, we need to act according to what we think will help us achieve the desired result.


However, to change our outer circumstances, it is necessary to work on our inner "being". We are all part of a Whole... a Universal Energy (God) that we interact with each day, through not only our actions, but our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and our feelings affect our outer circumstances. 


In order to move towards the successful life we desire, we need to recognize what our thoughts and feelings are projecting out into our reality. To discover what subconscious patterns may be holding us back & how to release them. 

In a Spiritual Guidance Reading, receive helpful information to help you move forward in life. I will pass along guidance to assist you in moving towards success, prosperity & abundance in all areas of your life. 


Benefits of a Spiritual Guidance Reading

Gain clarity and insight around:


Difficult or challenging situations in your life




Your soul's purpose





Or any situation where you may need guidance

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