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Intuitive Reiki Healing

Reiki Treatment

Intuitive Reiki Healing Session:

$120.00 – 50 minutes

Intuitive Reiki Healing Package: 

5 sessions - $480 

Buy 4 get one free! 

Mind, Body & Spirit Package: 

1 Spiritual Guidance Reading

1 Intuitive Reiki Healing

1 Private Mentorship Session

$385 (Save $80)

Purchase a Package or a Gift Certificate:

Intuitive Reiki Healing


In an intuitive Reiki healing session, I combine the healing energy of Reiki with intuitive guidance, helping you understand the underlying causes of any pain and imbalances so that you can heal completely, on all levels… physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. 


Stagnant or unbalanced energy can be the result of traumatic events, negative emotions or underlying subconscious beliefs. This energy can block the body’s normal function, manifesting as physical pain and disease.

Through the healing energy of Reiki (an ancient, Japanese healing system), energy blockages are released and balance is restored, so that your body can function optimally. Reiki compliments all other medical and therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects as well as promote recovery and healing. 

Reiki is extremely relaxing & the relaxing effects can last for hours or even days. Most can feel the calming, peaceful waves of energy as it moves through the body. If you have never had a Reiki session, you are in for a treat!


Benefits of an Intuitive Reiki Healing Session


*Deep relaxation

*Stress reduction

*Lowers blood pressure

*Lowers heart rate

*Pain reduction

*Helps with insomnia

*Calms anxiety

*Eases depression

*Feelings of deep relaxation

*Release energy blockages within the body

*Find out why you have specific energy blockages

*Receive insight as to what you can do to help keep your energy balanced

*Gain clarity and insight around challenging situations

*Recognize and remove obstacles preventing you from your highest purpose

*Recognize necessary shifts to help you to live your best life possible (career, relationships, geographic location, etc.)

*Heal grief with help from the other side

*Receive insight as to how to keep your heart open, allowing you to have healthy relationships

*Receive guidance as to how to move forward in any situation, in ways that are in the highest and best interest of all involved.

*Experience peace and balance for hours, even days later

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